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MOTC LOGO   Project Name: Huweixi Bridge Reconstruction Project of Taiwan Line 1
Organizer: WEST Coast Expressway Southern Region Temporary Engineering
Office Directorate General of Highways, MOTC
Design unit: Genyeh Engineering Consultant Co Ltd.
Supervision unit: WEST Coast Expressway Southern Region Temporary Engineering
Office Directorate General of Highways, MOTC - The First Branch
Construction company: EARTH POWER Construction
Total project cost: 7.7 billion
Awards: 2022 Public Construction Golden Quality Award

BE is in charge of engineering
System Specifications: STRESSING ANCHORAGE-BEM

Engineering description:
It has been 28 years since the Huweixi Bridge of Yunlin County-Taiwan Line 1 was opened in 1993. It is an important highway bridge connecting Dounan Town, Douliu City and Huwei Town. The foundation is seriously exposed and the earthquake resistance is insufficient. For the safety of the people, it must be rebuilt. The Ministry of Communications invested 770 million yuan in the "Huweixi Bridge Reconstruction Project on Taiwan Line 1". The construction started in June 2019. The original 10 pier columns were reduced to 4 pier columns.

The head of the Xibin South Engineering Department of the General Administration of Highways said that the starting point of the reconstruction project of Huweixi Bridge is located on the north side of the entrance and exit road of the Peasant Association Milling Rice Factory in Dounan Township, Taiwan Line 1, and the end point is at the intersection of Section 4 of Yunke Road. The total length is about 780m and the total cost is 7 RMB 73.68 million, of which the original 10 pier columns are reduced to 4 pier columns, and the span of the pier is increased from 35m to 110m, which can effectively increase the water section and divide it into two independent bridges on the north line and the south line , the newly built bridge is a five-span prestressed concrete box-girder bridge with continuous variable cross-section. The bridge is about 350 meters long and 29.4 meters wide. It is equipped with two fast lanes and two slow lanes in both directions to provide passers-by with spacious and safe road environment.

After the whole line is opened to traffic, it can effectively improve the bridge's flood control, disaster resistance and earthquake resistance, avoid traffic interruption during flood seasons or earthquakes, improve disaster relief efficiency, and reduce the risk of rainwater in the vicinity. safety and quality of life.

In addition, Zhang Lishan, Mayor of Yunlin County, is concerned about the condition of bridges in the county. After inspecting the progress of the Huweixi Bridge project on Taiwan Line 1, she said that although the number of bridges broken by heavy rains in recent years is small, it has also aroused public concern about bridge safety. After the Yilan Nanfang'ao broken bridge incident in 2019, the county government has comprehensively inspected all bridges in the county, and completed the repair and reconstruction of 16 U4 dangerous bridges in May this year, and more than 300 U3 dangerous bridges have also been repaired. One, the county government will continue to raise and strive for funds to maintain the safety of bridges in the county.

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