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  Project Name: Reconstruction Project of Niupu Bridge
Organizer: Taichung City New Construction Office
Design unit: XIE SHENG Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Supervising unit: XIE SHENG Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Construction manufacturer: 堃成營造股份有限公司  
Total project cost: 166.22 million yuan
Awards: 2022 Public Construction Golden Safety Award

BE is in charge of engineering

Engineering description:
The Taichung City Government Construction Bureau stated that the reconstruction of the Niupu Bridge on Zhongqing Road cost a total of 166.22 million yuan, and strived to subsidize 70% of the project funds from the Water Resources Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The construction process coordinated with the water company to replace the old water mains.

The Niupu Bridge, located on Zhongqing Road in Xitun District, is one of Taichung's main traffic arteries. The Taichung City Government Construction Bureau started the bridge reconstruction project in 110. The width of the Gangweizixi River upstream of the Niupu Bridge was originally only 17 meters. Insufficient water section caused the problem of water accumulation in the area. Through the reconstruction of the bridge, the flood passage was widened to 25 meters in line with the downstream side, so that the place was free from the impact of water accumulation and life safety. In addition, Niupu Bridge is located on Line 1B of Zhongqing Road and Taiwan. It is the main artery of Daya Interchange of No. 1 National Highway. In order to shorten the inconvenience caused by the diversion, the semi-construction of the originally planned bridge has been adjusted to "full bridge closure" and "new steel bypass bridge diversion" method.

During the construction period, the construction progress and schedule were regularly reviewed, and additional equipment and manpower were dispatched to rush the work. The project team also coordinated the projects of various pipeline units to speed up the pipeline migration. With hard work, the standard was met three months earlier, and the total construction period was shortened by nine months. Shorten traffic dark periods.

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