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Industry-2020-Academic cooperation between BE and National Chung Hsing University

Research Project:Interaction between load and post-tensioning prestressing system

 DATE:5, November 2020

Bulgar Eden Enterprise Co., LTD Participants:
潘宗德(Mr. Ted, Pan) 總工程師(Chief Engineer)
蕭琮駿(Mr. Max, Xiao) 工程師(Engineer)

Research Project:Interaction between load and post-tensioning prestressing system
Primary Structure:I-beam × 1 Strand 15.24mm × 12
Strength:80 Ton

About NCHU

National Chung Hsing University has undergone a number of significant stages of change. It began as the Advanced Academy of Agronomy and Forestry, founded by the Japanese in Taipei in 1919. After 1928, the Academy became a special department affiliated to Taihoku Imperial University (now National Taiwan University). However, the department became an independent school again in 1943, and was moved to Taichung.

After the Restoration of Taiwan in 1945, the school was reorganized and renamed Taiwan Provincial Taichung Agricultural Junior College. In 1946, the Junior College evolved into a higher institution, Taiwan Provincial College of Agriculture. Then in 1961, it combined with the newly-established College of Science and Engineering on the same Taichung campus and the College of Law and Business founded in Taipei in 1949, to become Taiwan Provincial Chung Hsing University. In 1964, an Evening School was set up on the Taipei Campus. In 1968 another Evening School and the College of Liberal Arts were added to the Taichung Campus. The University continued to grow in size, and in 1971 it became a national university, and assumed its present name: National Chung Hsing University (NCHU).

NCHU own the best hydraulic laboratory equipped with various kinds of laser measurement apparatuses and the best data system for scour damage histories of bridge and levee.