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National freeway No. 1 widening project from Wugu to Yangmei section


An overpass to be added to National  Highway Number 1 to connect Wugu and Yangmei will use pre-cast concrete  segments placed by cranes as a balanced cantilever. The method is considered uncommon  and the price for this overpass will be about NT$88.2 billion. The section of  freeway will be part of National Highway Number 1. Construction is expected to  be completed at the end of 2012.

The overpass will be broadened between  Jhongli and Taishan to provide an auxiliary lane for high-occupancy vehicles.  The National Expressway Engineering Bureau expects work on the overpass to be  completed by 2012. The bureau says the overpass will cut the travel time  between Wugu and Yangmei by 30 minutes and reduce traffic by 35 percent.

Beginning  :Wugu


Line  length:40 Km

Length  of bridge:33.7Km

Time limit for a project :2010.12~2013.12

Lane:two-lane in each direction

Specific  project method:Pre-cast concrete segments placed by cranes as a balanced  cantilever.