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  Project Name: Reconstruction Project of Binhai Bridge in Qingshui District.
Organizer: Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior.
Design unit: XIE SHENG Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Supervision unit: Central Region Engineering Office, Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior.
Construction company: 協誠營造股份有限公司.
Total project cost: NT$198.5 million.
Awards: 2022 Public Construction Golden Safety Award

BE is in charge of engineering

Engineering description:
Located in Taichung Harbor, Qingshui District, Taichung City, the Binhai Bridge next to Gaomei Wetland is listed by the Executive Yuan for the renovation of the "Assist the County and City Government to Accelerate the Construction of Damaged Bridges for 3 Years (109~111) Program" The bridge is 47 years old. The old concrete of the structure is peeling off in many places and the earthquake resistance capacity is insufficient. After the inspection and evaluation of the relevant units entrusted by the port company, it has been temporarily closed for traffic safety. It was included in the 2020 "Living Circle Road Traffic System Construction Design Drawing" by the Construction Department of the Ministry of the Interior for reconstruction.

The Binhai Bridge crosses Qingshui Taipai via North Huangang Road in Taichung Harbor District and goes east via Sanshun Road, connecting to Taiwan Line 17 and Line 61. After the reconstruction is completed and opened to traffic, the service quality of the traffic road network can be improved and the traffic bottleneck section can be improved. The reconstruction of this project will add sidewalks and bicycle paths to provide a safe space for the public to rest and travel the ecological landscape of Gaomei Wetland, and promote local economic development.

This bridge reconstruction project adopts a four-span rectangular prestressed close-packed girder bridge. The bridge length is 138 meters and the width is 25 meters. The bridge deck is paved with recycled asphalt concrete with a thickness of 5cm. Set up street lights, signs and markings, traffic signs and ancillary works. The total project cost is NT$198.5 million.

Green environmental protection, energy saving, carbon reduction and people-oriented transportation construction are important policies that are particularly emphasized in the construction design of the road transportation system in the life circle of the Construction Department. The project adopts green materials as a consideration, and is designed with the concept of sustainability and environmental protection. The use of asphalt to remove recycled materials , Energy-saving and low-wattage LED lights, which focus on the development of domestic green industries, and cooperate with the design of sidewalks and barrier-free ramps to enhance a friendly pedestrian environment. This project adopts the most favorable bid for outsourcing and procurement, and is expected to be completed and opened to traffic in December 2022.

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