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Domestic Site Project


The Baimi Scenic Bridge of Suhua Highway Provincial No.9 in Taiwan.

The Baimi Scenic Bridge of Suhua Highway Provincial No.9 in Taiwan

The project 340 m planning and design for the Baimi Scenic Bridge located on Suhua Highway Provincial No.9 in Taiwan are briefly described. 

Starting from the planning and decision of bridge type to certain key-points of planning and design such as considerations of construction by corrugated steel webs, external tendon layout inside hybrid section girder, prestress of intermediate diaphragm on pier top, clearance requirement check, design detail of steel shell anchorage box inside pylon and steel intermediate diaphragm of hybrid superstructure, etc, are also stated one after another afterward. 

Hualien-Taitung Line Electrification Project


A. Scope of the Project:

The project 166.1 km long starts from Hualien Station and to Zhiben Station (at Taitung). Electrification works will be carried out at the whole line and double-track works will be performed at the traffic bottle-neck sections.

B. Main Work Items:

1. Electrifying the whole line railways (166.1 km).

2. Laying double-track systems in four bottle-neck sections and improving some curves in the line.

3. Constructing four new double-track tunnels.

4. Re-building three railway bridges.

5. Improving the tracks in the station zones.

6. Improvement works of TRA’s Taitung Depot.

7. Adding four new substations.

8. Curve route straightening in Yuemei Section (3732M)

9. Improving 16 curves whose radii are less than 800 meters

C. Estimated Cost: NT 25,429 million dollars


Tai-20th Highway rebuilt project of Typhoon Morakot. (Gongyuan Bridge, Minzu Bridge, Minquan Bridge, etc.)



Tai-20th Highway was worst affected by the Typhoon Morakot.

Many bridges are terribly damaged in the mountains that It is being redeveloped.


Tainan Anping Harbor Bridge construction plan

Tainan Anping Harbor Bridge construction plan


The Cross Harbor Bridge (Yuguang Bridge) is located on the boundary between the port and city at the secondary channel of Anping Port. It is a 5-span 4-pedestal reinforced concrete arch bridge of total bridge length 320 M, including the support construction on the cross-field side and the central cantilever construction method.


New construction project on the West Coast Expressway

New construction project on the West Coast Expressway


The new construction project on the West Coast Expressway at 123K+800~130K+905 section is located within Miaoli County. It starts from Tongsiao Township Nantong Bay until the estuary of Yuanli Township. The total length is about 7.9km. The bridge design includes span-by-span erection, cantilever construction method, PCI beams and hollow slab beams, etc.


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System 
Construction Project

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System Construction Project


The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System, commonly known as the Taoyuan International Airport MRT, is a rapid transit system planned to connect Taipei and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, before linking up with the Taoyuan MRT to THSR Taoyuan Station and onwards to Zhongli. 

Construction began in 2006 and the system is scheduled to begin service in June 2013. Construction is being overseen by the Bureau of High Speed Rail of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, which oversees the construction of the Taiwan High Speed Rail as well as regional rapid transit systems (except the Taipei Metro and Kaohsiung MRT) in Taiwan.

Constructed method of CE03B
1.Balanced cantilever
2.Cast-in place method
3.Advance shoring method
4.Steel box girder


The Bridge Construction Project of Feng-giu Vent Tunnel of 
Taiwan Provincial Highway NO.21 

The Bridge Construction Project of Feng-giu Vent Tunnel of Taiwan Provincial Highway NO.21


The "Highway 21Bridge Fengchiu Open cut Tunnel Reconstruction Project" is located at 91~92K Highway 21 of Hsinyi Township Nantou County. Due to frequent river landslides and slope collapses at the southern road section of Fengchiu Open cut Tunnel, it often causes road disruption to endanger the safety of road users. Therefore, a new overpass will be constructed to avoid the area of landslides and slope collapses.The main columns will be designed in steel box girdle and pre-stressed concrete (PCI) beams manner.


Taichung Metropolis Road No.2 East Section, No.4 North Section 
and it s Extension and Tali Connection Route (C705)

Taichung Metropolis Road No.2 East Section, No.4 North Section and it s Extension and Tali Connection Route (C705)


Taichung Metropolis Road No.2 East Section, No.4 North Section and it s Extension and Tali Connection Route (C705)
Taichung Circular Line (National Highway 4) and the National Highways 1 and 3, Taichung-Nantou Expressway and Taichung-Changhua Expressway will form a complete freeway and expressway network system for Taichung area to play an effective integral transportation system.

Construction automation-bridge superstructure 
● Precast segmental method
● Cantilever method
● Incremental launching method
● Advance shoring method

Construction automation-precast segmental pier
● Construction automation, factory manufacture, high quality
● Precast segmental method rapid construction, shorten the duration
● Bearing reduce passed earthquake energy
Update the engineering technique


Matzu Bridge 

Matzu Bridge


Due to increasing traffic volume and the aging problem of the old Beigang Bridge that spans across Beigang River, the Directorate General of Highways, Ministry of Transportation and Communications has planned the new construction project of Matzu Bridge to solve the traffic issue.

The bridge is mainly divided into the main bridge and the approach spans, starting from the south end of Beigang County Wenjen Road, spanning the County Road 164 to Beigang River embankment, and ending at Sutsuo Village of Chiayi County Liaujiao Township. The total length is about 1.7km.

The cantilever work car is used in constructing the main column part, and it is done by segmental cantilever construction method. Its construction steps are generally divided into work car positioning, module assembly, concrete pouring, pre-stressed pulling, work car advancing, and external pre-stressed pulling.

It is 32 segments at initial design, the final 6 segments be precast during construction because of design alteration. 18 sets cable consist with segmental No. 10 to 27. Cable pulling is done by means of pulling the steel tendons individually.