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Our Company cooperate with the Department of Construction Engineer of NYUST to apply for industrial and educational cooperation program, which is studying in the vibration behavior of PT strain and the analysis of the force action in wedges, we have get the subsidy. One of the research item is the fatigue test with the T15 wedges from our company, the conditions included the different span of forces, the upper limited stress and deflections. The test result shows that The T15 wedges from our company are not only sufficient of the Taiwanese construction guide line in chapter 03231, regulation of PT strain and anchorage system, also conform to the requirement of single PT strain test. Related programs explain and test result pictures:
Plan name: Fatigue Life and Parameter Study of Wedge-Type Anchors for Prestressing Tendons
Plan number: NSC 99-2622-E-224 -007 -CC3│
Time: June 1, 2010 to May 31, 2011
Host : Associate Professor Chien-Chou Chen
Test Product: T15 3-pieces wedges from BE PT system
Test items : fatigue test with a single strain(fs: upper limit stress)
  ‧1. span force: spanΔf=2300kgf/cm2、upper limit force: f=0.6、0.65、0.7、0.8fs (fig. 1)
‧2. upper limit force f=0.8fs、span force Δf=800、1200、1680、2000、2300kgf/cm2 (fig. 2)
‧3. upper limit force f=0.65fs、span force Δf=2300kgf/cm2、deflection=0.3°、0.6°、0.9°(fig.3)
‧4. upper limit force f=0.65fs、span force Δf=800、1200、1680、2000kgf/cm2、deflection=3.5° (fig.4)
Measurement Place: Construction science building in NYUST
Instruments: MTS-810 Universal Testing Machine (25Tons)
Reference: 1. Taiwanese Construction Guide Line ch. 03231, “PT Strain and Wedges”,test upper limit, f=0.8fPK、span Δf=816 kgf/cm2
2. US Post Tensioning Institute (PTI),Recommendations for stay cable design, testing and installation,upper limit f=0.45fPK、span Δf=228MPa

MTS-810 Universal test machine
BE-T15 3-pieces wedges

Fig. 1 Upper limit force and loaded fatigue test
Fig. 2 S-N Curve(upper limit force 0.8f’s)

Fig. 3 Deflection and fatigue loaded fatigue test
Fit. 4 Deflection 3.5° S-N curve(upper limit force 0.65f’s)