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The technical cooperation between BE and MK4.                                                                    

MK4 Attendee:

Santiago Prieto Industrial Engineer Operations Manager

Jordi Tena Quality Manager


Introduction MK4

MeKano4 is specialised company that offers technical solutions for the construction of bridges and structures, by providing to the market a wide product and service range leading quality and services around the world. Within our scope of activities, there is the design, supply and installation of stay cables, postensioning, bridge bearings and expansion joints for bridges, together with the supply of ground anchors and high tensile bars.

The MK4 postensioning system proposed, includes a gear range of anchorages, accessories and the necessary equipment to respond to the technical requirements for the construction of bridges and other structures. The design and calculation of all the components were performed according to the new European code ETAG-013, which verification is an obligation in all posttensioning structures built in the European Union. Our experience in many fields of post-tensioning applications and our team of engineers and technicians are the guarantee for our success and to face new challenges in the structural engineering field. As application, we are providing postensioning and cable stayed solutions for any structure as bridges, buildings, tanks of liquefied gas LNG, silos, covertures, communication towers, nuclear power stations, suspended structures, etc.

MeKano4 has developed a complete Quality Assurance Programme conforming to ISO 9001:2000 and according to the requirements of the new European code ETAG-013 for Postensioning, including the design, production, supply and installation of all the required PT works, as anchorages, auxiliary equipment; pushing strands, stressing and injection. By this way, this complete quality system covers all postensioning work performed by MeKano4.